In addition to the core linkagesThe long-running, routine linkages that represent the ‘spine’ of the WA Data Linkage System to which other datasets can be linked. Comprises: (1) Hospital Morbidity; (2) Emergency Department; (3) Midwives Notifications; (4) Mental Health; (5) Cancer Registry; (6) Births, Deaths, Marriages; and (7) Electoral Roll., the WADLB maintains a range of other infrastructure linkages to over 40 dataCan refer to: (1) the demographic data used in the Data Linkage process; or (2) information pertaining to services provided to people or their clinical information (available only from Data Custodians, including via CARES). collections. Infrastructure linkages are linkages of datasets that are generally available for a range of approved projects (as opposed to linkages of datasets for a single approved project only). For a list of the available infrastructure datasets available please see the Dataset Menu.

More information on how to establish a new infrastructure linkage can be found here.