Charges apply for linkageData Linkage: a complex technique for connecting data records within and between datasets using demographic data (e.g. name, date of birth, address, sex, medical record number). Also called ‘Record Linkage’ or ‘Linkage’., geocodingThe process of assigning a geographical coordinate to a named feature. In the case of the feature being a street address, the address must first be matched to a known address in a spatially referenced dataset such as those maintained by Landgate (in WA) and Australia Post. Once a geographical coordinate has been assigned to the feature, census statistical areas (SA1, SA2, LGA) can be derived. or extractionCan refer to: (1) the extraction of linkage keys (by Linkage Officers); or (2) the extraction of service data to which these keys will be appended (by CARES or the relevant Data Custodians). requests. Funds derived from these charges assist in supporting staff and equipment used for the on-going development of the linkage system.

The charges depend on the size and complexity of the linkage or extraction tasks involved. For extractions, the cost depends on the number of datasets, number of years and number of individuals in the dataCan refer to: (1) the demographic data used in the Data Linkage process; or (2) information pertaining to services provided to people or their clinical information (available only from Data Custodians, including via CARES). extract. For more information, please see the DLB Access and Charging Policy.

A preliminary cost estimate for linkage will be provided with feedback to a draft Application for Data, however if you would like a cost estimate before applying for a grant or to scope your project, please complete the Cost Estimate Request Form and email it to

To discuss charging in more detail, please contact the Data Linkage BranchThe specialist team at the Department of Health who are responsible for developing and maintaining the WA Data Linkage System, performing data linkage, and the facilitation of access to linked data. Project Manager, Tom Eitelhuber on +61 8 9222 2370 or at